Travel Plans: Thailand

Hey Guys! Right now it is the night before I take a train to Bangkok. Its a 20-hour train ride of fun (No Wifi, no outlets, and no. good. food.). But we make up for it with home made sandwiches, cards, and a good book or two.

While I’m on my 2 week trip of Thai-craziness (My type of craziness, mind you) I’ll be writing blog posts whenever I can and uploading them straight away. But I was also thinking of uploading day-by-day vlogs starting this week, from the train ride there to the train ride back. I made a new Youtube Channel, and as soon as I start uploading I’ll link it to my main page.  We’ll be going to more places than just Bangkok, and I’ll tell you their names as soon as I figure out how spell them.

But besides that, follow my Instagram page for new photos ——-:>

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3 thoughts on “Travel Plans: Thailand

  1. Hi Christine :)
    I’m sorry for the late reply! At the time when I posted the article, I was traveling through Thailand. I will sometimes post articles in private with a password so I can have friends/family read it before it is public. It will indeed be public this Friday. :)
    Thanks for writing!


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