One of the biggest man-made natural disasters you don’t know about

“One of the biggest natural disasters this year started 6 months ago, and I doubt you know about it if you’re not from Asia. Because besides the fact that it affected several countries in South East Asia, the major media outlets haven’t bothered to even headline it…”

Bukit Lawang – In the Indonesian Jungle, Part 1

“After checking to make sure we had forgotten nothing, that all the windows and doors were locked, we headed to our favorite Malay restaurant an easy 30 meters away from our complex. We sat down, had some…”

Bukit Lawang – In the Indonesian Jungle, Part 2

“As if the hot weather of Mexico had snuck into my baggage, following me across the Pacific Ocean, down the coast of Asia, and waiting patiently in my backpack for me to go to Bukit Lawang to pop out, it was seriously hot here. I’m trekking up the steep stone steps…”

In the Indonesian Jungle – Part 3 – Revenge of the Orangutan

“At 7 in the morning rain on our tin roof had stopped and I was out of bed and getting dressed, ready for breakfest. Today was Trek day, and jeans and a long sleeve shirt were the ideal clothes to fight the bugs, though not the heat. We were…”