Videos and Vlogs

Here you can find all of the videos and vlogs that I do on my channel Sincerely,James. They vary from topics, but are mostly rooted around travel. They are organized, top to bottom, oldest to newest.
“Sincerely, James in Vancouver Canada”
“Sincerely, James in Bukit Lawang, Indonesia Part 1/3”
“Sincerely, James in Bukit Lawang, Indonesia Part 2/3”

3 thoughts on “Videos and Vlogs

  1. Thanks for liking my last post James, on
    I’m a storyteller, seems like you must have a lot of tales to tell as well. I’d really like to know about the people and unusual characters you meet on your extensive travels, what a great life. Tip – keep a notepad with you at all times to write about the quirky or memorable things that happen, it really helps. I’ll check out those vlogs when I can.

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