Frequently Asked Questions, collected from people I meet while traveling and in comments online.

How do you get to travel so much?

When I was 6, my parents left their jobs, with just a few rental properties for revenue, and moved onto a boat (We later sold the house about 2 years later) So my parents, sister who’s 4 years older, and myself lived onto a 50 ft slightly-rundown catamaran. It was a fixer-upper, meaning it had plenty of holes and rats when we first moved on. But we had it as a “Home” in no time at all, and though we never quite had all the holes covered before we put it up (Actually, in the end, we had more holes in it than when we started) it was quite ours.

Since then, my Dad (A Full-Time Musician) and Mom, who picked up a Wedding Destination job in Mexico that allows her to work online, have put my Sister through University and continue to fund our travelling lifestyles.


– Financially, how is this possible?

This might seem like a bit of a puzzle being able to travel constantly. But, before contemplating on it too much, take into account that: my family owns no cars. We don’t have fancy new computers, or get new Iphones. We don’t have a house, or any permanent residence to fall back on (At the moment we live in an apartment). And we choose where we live very carefully. I haven’t lived in the United States since I was 9, yet from just weekly visits during the summer with family tells me that everything from the price of a can of soda to lifestyles in themselves change drastically depending on where you live. And it’s not only the U.S. Everywhere is different, and us as a family have had to choose where we want and can live permanently in the world. We don’t eat out (Unless, like Malaysia, the average meal is $1 in restaurants) and we don’t have Health Insurance.

The Scholarship-hunt has already started with me, and my sister who is in University works part-time to help with living expenses. While there are many things that can go wrong with this lifestyle (And some have gone wrong), this is just how we live, choosing to travel over having that extra security of a permanent job, residence, and familiar culture.


– How exactly have you been getting an education?

From 6 to 10 years old I was homeschooled through a set curriculum, and then 5th, 7th, and 8th grade I attended an all-Spanish Mexican Elementary School. For my 6th year I went back to homeschooling to catch up on certain subjects I’d missed out on due to the language gap in the beggining of year 5, but was able to re-enter when I was more comfortable with Spanish . Since 9th grade I’ve been with the American Correspondence School, which provides teaching online with mainly self-learning materials but  where all examinations provided by the school. In 1.5 years I’ll have finished transcripts as if I had attended a Public High School in the U.S. Its a fantastic program, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely.


– Where are you now; Where do you expect to visit in 2015?

I’m currently hanging out in Penang, Malaysia, and will be until March 1st, 2016. Thats when I’m headed to Europe, where I’ll get to see family and friends I haven’t seen in almost 2 years. After a month and a half, I’m moving back to the United States, where I’ll spend my final year of High School.


– Where have you been?

22 countries and 3 continents, including:

North America: Canada, U.S.A, Mexico, Belize, Virgin Islands, and Guatemala

Europe: Italy, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Germany.

Asia: Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.


– Where are you on Social Media?

I post articles, photos, travel videos, and even little quotes on a variety of sites. If you wish to keep up, find me at the following social media outlets:



If you have any other questions, in preparation to travel or out of curiosity, feel free to leave a comment below.





12 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi! Thanks so much, I’m grateful for your compliments.
    I’ve definently enjoyed re-experiencing my travels by writing this blog. For the time being I’ll keep writing my stories here for when future-self comes upon the right time.
    Thank you so much for your support and taking the time to comment what you think.


  2. Hello there from Tacoma, Wa! First off, thank you for liking my latest post. Secondly, the fact that you’ve done so much traveling is AMAZING! You’re getting tons of exposure to other cultures, ideas, and ways of thinking. You are also getting incredible experience. I definitely agree with Jack above about how you should write a book of your travels such as what it is like, what you and your family have had to go through, trials and tribulations, etc or a collection of creative nonfiction essays about each place and the people you’ve met along the way.
    Keep up the amazing work!

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  3. Hey Valerie!
    Thanks for your question. I do want to visit the Philipines, though probably not this year. Its on the list!
    Honestly my lifestyles been fantastic with relationships. For one, social media makes it incredibly easy to keep in touch. But it can also strengthen friendship where there is space for improvment, and roots out the friendships that were meant to be temporary. I’ve made many friends over the years, but the ones that I still keep in touch with are the ones I will have for many more years to come.
    Thanks again for commenting! Say Hi to Chicago for me :)

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  4. Hi, James! Greeting from Chicago :)

    Reading about your adventures and travels makes me want to hop on a boat/plane with a one-way ticket. You should visit the Philippines! I lived there most of my life and it is a beautiful country with amazing beaches, incredibly hospitable people, and great food. I think you’ll love it.

    I have a question though. How does this lifestyle affect your relationships (with friends, relatives, etc.)?

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